10 things vaccine induced autism parents want you to know

1. Yes, there is such a thing.

Congressional Hearing

2. Yes, we’ve done our research. We’ve read the studies (most funded by pharma).

We realize the pharmaceutical companies have a large financial stake in the approval of these vaccines as do lobbyists.

Merck and HPV

BMJ article

Billion dollar industry

3. Yes, we realize most people think vaccines are safe and life savers. We don’t.


4. There are no studies on vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. Why?

Congressional hearing

5. We’ve watched our kids go from “normal” to autistic overnight.





6. Tragically, many have died following vaccination

Mason killed at 4 months

Taylor speaks out


7. Many doctors and nurses are starting to see the damage and they are speaking out. Many have lost their jobs and have been threatened after speaking up.

Dr. Geier (nih scientist)

Dr. Ledbetter

Dr. Kobler

Pediatric RN

8. Our rights are being stripped away. Do you believe you have the right to determine which medical procedures are safe for your children?

Mississippi, West Virginia and California disagree. Many other states are looking into implementing similar policies of “medical exemptions only”. Will you allow that to happen or will you stand with us?

Current bills and proposals

Action Based Vaccine group

9. We no longer believe the CDC, FDA or NIH have our best interest in mind. They’ve got too many conflicts of interest. None of those involve the safety of our children.

Medpage article

Conflicts of interest

10. We want you to hear us. If you cannot hear us, at the very least don’t discredit our experience. We have nothing at all to gain by questioning vaccines except more transparency. That is our goal. We want fully informed consent and anything less calls for the abolishment and deconstruction of the vaccine industry.

We are living with injured children and we don’t want that happening to anyone else. Our lives have been forever changed by one decision.

As always we encourage research. Everyone must walk their own paths. We write to give you food for thought. If anything we say has prompted you to take a moment to do more research, we’ve done our jobs.

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Awake Parents Group (small community)

Vaccine Awareness and Education Network

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