Vaccines, which side of history will you be on?

If you've ever offered an opinion (pro or against) then you know, it's one of the most fiercely debated topics of our time.

Some parents are torn and looking for answers.  Others are absolutely convinced that vaccines are a God send and others would rather die than inject themselves or their children.  I don't know that this topic will ever be one we can discuss at the playground, over coffee or even on Facebook without walking away in anger.  People are stuck in what they believe and what they've been told.  I was. Then, my eyes were opened.  When I began my research into the topic, I was met with some really crazy accusations.  I was told I was following a porn star and a debunked doctor.  I had no idea who either of these people was but I soon found out.   Let's clear some things up before we move on:

  1.  Jenny McCarthy didn't start the anti vaccine movement.
  2. Andrew Wakefield wrote an opinion paper with his suggestions.
  3. We don't use bleach to cure autism.
  4. We don't think tumeric and silver cure everything.
  5. We are educated, informed, well researched.
  6. We are united and we are resiliant.  We aren't going away.


Now that we've gotten those silly things out of the way, let's move on to facts.

Herd Immunity is the most common argument for vaccination.  That was the first concern I had and the topic I researched most at the start.  One question that stuck with me was – If the entire adult population isn't vaccinated and vaccines aren't life long, how do we / will we ever achieve herd immunity?

Let's look at some outbreaks:

  1. Canada:  The largest measles epidemic in North America in the last decade occurred in 2011 in Quebec, Canada, where rates of 1- and 2-dose vaccine coverage among children 3 years of age were 95%-97% and 90%, respectively, with 3%-5% unvaccinated. Among adolescents, 22% had received 2 vaccine doses. Outbreak investigation showed this proportion to have been an underestimate; active case finding identified 130% more cases among 2-dose recipients.  [Major measles epidemic in the region of Quebec despite a 99% vaccine coverage].
  2. Montana:  A total of 64 (82.1%) of the 78 patients on the reservation who were born after 1956 and were above the recommended age at vaccination had a history of adequate measles vaccination. …98.7% of students were appropriately vaccinated.   A persistent outbreak of measles despite appropriate prevention and control measures.
  3.  Massachusetts:  An outbreak of measles occurred in a high school with a documented vaccination level of 98 per cent. Nineteen (70 per cent) of the cases were students who had histories of measles vaccination at 12 months of age or older and are therefore considered vaccine failures. Measles outbreak in a vaccinated school population: epidemiology, chains of transmission and the role of vaccine failures.
  4. California: Whooping Cough Outbreak- Largest in 50 yrs!  Unexpectedly limited durability of immunity following acellular pertussis vaccination in preadolescents in a North American outbreak.
  5. Article excerpts: If the measles outbreaks in California, and particularly in and around Orange County, as well as New York City, are because of non-vaccinators, then why aren’t we seeing outbreaks of everything not being vaccinated for? Why just measles and why all of a sudden, when the number of people opting out of vaccinations has actually steadily dropped in the last few years – after an initial wave of people not doing it?  Non-vaccinators in NY are .1-1% of the population. In California, we are talking 1.1-2%. Why aren’t we seeing increases in outbreaks in Vermont, Michigan, and Oregon where the rate is over 6%?  Political Blind Spot article


Money:  Let's move on to a very controversial topic, money.   I know this will be hard for some people to digest because we want to believe everything is done for the good of our children, for the benefit of mankind.  Keep in mind, pharma is a business.  Your doctor's office is a business.   As such, they need to make money.   I am all about everyone making money, but never at the cost of someone else.   Pediatricians are now turning away children who don't get vaccines.   Don't they take an oath to do no harm?  Turning away children because the parent made a decision?   Why would a doctor do that?  One reason could be that they make bonuses for every vaccinated person.  Blue Cross seems to be the only health insurance company that's posted their bonus incentive, so let's look at it.


*Blue Cross Blue Shield locked online access to their incentive program and then removed the page altogether. Clearly, this incentive program was never intended to be public knowledge and created a bit of PR issue for them. Fortunately, another website managed to save the entire BCBS incentive program booklet and has published it in entirety online… You can read it here:  Blue Cross Blue Shield Physician Incentive Program

Some quotes straight from doctors and others:

Doctor Bob talking to MN Legislators, he states:  "It's absolutely true that you make a ton of money off of vaccines … "I lose $700,000 a year because I don't make every kid vaccinate."   Doctor Bob Zajac

Vaccinations are now carried out for purely commercial reasons because they fetch huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry……There is no scientific evidence that vaccinations are of any benefit, but it is clear that they cause a great deal of harm."—Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p130, 132, 134.)

DOCTORS have been told to come clean about Infanrix, the safer whooping cough jab available on the NHS – but only if directly challenged about it by parents. The compromise means that parents who ask no questions will have their children injected with the cheaper DTwP jab laced with ethyl mercury – asubstance ordered out of US medicine on health grounds."–Media Feb 2003

For decades, American pharmaceutical companies have known how to produce the safer DPT vaccine but decided not to bring it to market because it would increase production costs and lower the drug's 50% or higher profit margins."–Money Magazine

Parents be forewarned. The vaccine industry perpetuates the greatest conflict of interest in earth's history. "–Dr Horowitz

If you want the truth on vaccination you must go to those who are not making anything out of it. If doctors shot at the moon every time it was full as a preventive of measles and got a shilling for it, they would bring statistics to prove it was a most efficient practice, and that the population would be decimated if it were stopped."—Dr Allinson

Science – Many will say we are "anti science" and we don't rely on peer reviewed studies to make our points.  I will give them the latter.  I don't rely solely on peer reviewed studies because:

Conflicts of interest in vaccine safety research

Scholarly journal retracts 60 articles, smashes ‘peer review ring’

The Fall of a Scientific Journal

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science

Safety:  But vaccines are put through rigorous testing!  Are they?

One of the flaws in studies of vaccines is that there are no true placebo groups. The vaccine is tested in one group of immunized children and is compared to another group of immunized children."–Peter Baratosy (doctor)

Safety studies on vaccinations are limited to short time periods only: several days to several weeks. There are NO (NONE) long term (months or years) safety studies on any vaccination or immunization. For this reason, there are valid grounds for suspecting that many delayed-type vaccine reactions may be taking place unrecognized at to their true nature. Longest safety trial of of the triple vaccine (MMR, all live attenuated viruses) was three weeks. 

FDA virologist Peter Reeve…….. acknowledged that the FDA suspended its own independent tests of vaccine purity 15 years ago, leaving it entirely up to the manufacturers to ensure the vaccine is contaminant free."–'The Virus and the Vaccine': Atlantic Monthly

Since the 1920s, virtually all continuing medical and public health education is funded by pharmaceutical companies. In fact, today, the FDA can't even tell health scientists the truth about vaccine contaminants and their likely effects. The agency is bound and gagged by proprietary laws and non-disclosure agreements forced upon them by the pharmaceutical industry. Let us not forget that the pharmaceutical industry, as a special interest group, is the number one contributor to politicians on Capital Hill."–Leonard Horowitz

Since vaccine development information is considered proprietary (protected by nondisclosure policies) government officials and researchers must shield potential safety issues from public scrutiny. This censorship is rationalized by the all too persuasive argument that vaccines cannot be criticized lest the public become non-compliant in taking them. Finally, this silence is buttressed by the small number of people capable of critically evaluating vaccine manufacturing and safety testing procedures. In essence, health care professionals and the general public know little about the possible dangers of live viral vaccines."–Dr Martin


We could never possibly cover all of the different issues that come up around vaccines (third world experiments, ingredients, conflicts of interest – CDC, NIH, FDA, Pharma)…we will be writing about those things in the coming months.  For now, we hope that we've given you something to think about.  Click the links, join groups on FB, ask that crazy anti vax friend that's always posting.  Don't just believe it cannot happen to your child.  It can.

Most of all, pray.

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