Dull the pain….methadone mile

If you take a walk a few blocks from my house in Boston you will run into the Methadone Mile. It’s a stretch of Mass Ave that houses a methadone clinic and a shelter. Every day the people line up to receive their prescription medication and then stumble around the neighborhood, most looking for something harder than the methadone. Many are using heroin as well. You will find used needles and other paraphernalia all over.

My church often goes up to provide these people with basic needs. We’ve heard their stories and they are heartbreaking, you’ve got old and young, parents and teens out there. Almost all started off with an injury of some sort and were prescribed an opioid. Soon the dosage isn’t enough and they turn to fentanyl or heroin.  Both killers.  The cost of the prescriptions can be outrageous for anyone without or in some cases, even with insurance.  For the folks on Methadone Mile, many times this is part of an agreed to plan to get sober so the cost is less.

There are stories of friends lost and you see overdosing daily. They are in pain and looking for relief.  I always wonder at what point the pain is so much that you shoot up in the street as kids in the backseat of cars passing by looking on.  Just today at our neighborhood park, a young lady was laying in the toddler area with a needle sticking out her arm.  My son was seconds from running in there.  The dignity they once had was lost long ago. The sense of belonging to the community rather than just existing in it is gone too.  These people aren’t just in physical pain but mental pain as well.  They cannot escape their own minds.  They relive the things they’ve done and not done.  They have memories of what life was like long before drugs took over.  That is sometimes an unbearable level of pain. The only thing that matters is getting rid of the pain. My mom was prescribed methadone after a bad accident and I’m confident it aided in her death. She was depressed, had severe anxiety and terrible physical pain.   They gave her several prescriptions and most of them failed her.  She tried it all, just as I did.

The drug has no enemies, sees no color or age. Doesn’t care if you have grandkids or a dog waiting at home. If it wants you, it gets what it wants.

I’ve often considered going to the doctor for my own back pain but I’ve seen too much. I saw what it did to my mom and to others I loved.  Instead, I’ve used every single over the counter pill, heat pads, rubs and recommended product I could find. I went to the chiropractor and that helped more than most other things.   Some worked for a day or two. Some an hour or so. Some not at all. I can’t imagine the amount of money I’ve spent. After careful research and being desperate for relief, I tried Hemp (cbd) Oil. The first couple of brands worked fairly well. Took the edge off but the ache was always right there, waiting.   I heard about a different brand and tried it. I started on Aug 10th.

My results?  I can tell you today I have an anxiety level of 1.  Depression 0.  Pain hovering around a 2.  I cannot discuss that further here because it would sound like I am making a medical claim for a supplement.  That is a no-no.   Why?  Pharma and the government have existing patents from proprietary hybrid strains of cannabis, to clean and efficient growing systems, software-based analytics and monitoring, and packaging and distribution infrastructure. I get it.  Business is money and money is serious.   How serious is it?  See the patents and articles below.

Patents are held by both the US and GW Pharma:

US Patent on Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

GW Pharma – List of patents

Pharma’s Single Compound CBD

Pharma Wars


Products will be developed rapidly I assume.   Whether it will be in the form of a new prescription or not, I don’t know.  I hate to see that something that’s been around since the beginning of time and that the US has had a patent on since the early 1900’s is now being fought over in the pharma and government arenas.  Nothing good can come of that.  Just ask those on Methadone Mile.

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