No shots, no school?

Are you like most parents and believe your child must have his or her immunizations up to date before school starts?   The doctors, media, and government do a great job convincing us that this is true when in fact, it is not.

Most states have religious, philosophical or medical exemptions available.  Only 3 have medical only (Mississippi, West VA, California)   Vaccine Exemptions



You do not need to belong to any specific religion to file a religious exemption in most cases.   For many states, it’s a simple letter written by YOU that states vaccination is against your religious beliefs.   A similar process for philosophical exemptions.   Medical exemptions are different.  You will need your doctor involved to get one approved.  All of this information can be found at the link posted above or you can request to join us here: Vaccine Awareness and Education Network  to learn more.  We are happy to help you obtain the information you need.

More resources:  Marcella Piper-Terry on religious exemptions:  Religious Exemptions by Marcella

Understanding the medical exemption by  Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC President and Co-founder  Medical Exemptions 

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