Warrior Moms

Many in the special needs community have labeled the moms "Warrior Moms".  We've been through battle and we've come out the other side, a bit more bruised than when we went in but still holding our heads high for having done it.

Some Warrior Moms are still deep in the battle and we see you.  We are rooting for you and we hear you.

Some are business women who juggle it all, therapy, special diets, IEPS, work, meetings, supporting the family and the list goes on.

Maybe you are an at home Warrior.  Homeschooling, trying to get that online business off its feet so you have money to get a pedi some day.  We see you too.

Warrior Moms can spot another across Whole Foods, we are the ones buying the gluten free cookies and melatonin.

We are the ones glaring at anyone who dared to stop and stare while your child has a meltdown in Walmart.  Yes, we will throat punch that person if you give the nod.  We've been there.

We aren't all perfect to be sure.  We could use some more patience, some more alone time, some more empathy for the lady who's taking 400 years in line in front of us.  We could be nicer and sometimes we should be quieter but see, life is flying by us and we are so busy trying to fix it all.  We sometimes forget to stop and care for ourselves.

Warrior Mom, today…take 20 minutes just for you.  Go walk outside, alone.  Put your headphones in and blast whatever music makes you happy.

Here are two of my favorites:  Dance!  or Worship

Go curl up in your bed for a bit and read that blog you've been meaning to read.

Call your girlfriend that you haven't talked to in 2 years – she misses you.

Take a bath.  A really hot one with oils and salts and everything else we love!

Reach out to another Warrior Mom, let her know she isn't alone.